imaginary places

don't waste your time
it's been said before
it's like everything has come full circle 

paint my room
but don't get in my bed
--some things are still better left 

i don't like the way
you're rearranged the furniture
you know i prefer
to keep things neat 

but you've always been
such a welcome visitor
and i don't have the strength to put
everything back in its place 

so unpack your bags
you're not going home
i don't even know what that means anymore 

i'm hoping this counts as good karma
in the next world
because in the next world
it's not so far 

and you can consider me gone
but not forgotten
i may have been lost
but now i'm found, now that i've found 

that the door is always open
in my house
because i needed an easier way out 

- written by Eryn Holbrook, 2001
- appears on the album Now or Never, Perpetual Dream Theory, 2002

I'm in the band, please don't bother me about copywrite.