29 years later...

True, it's been one year since the "terrorist attack" in the United States, but it happened 29 years ago, when a military coup was staged in Chile, where more innocent people were slaughtered in Chile's national stadium than died in the World Trade Center. Don't believe me? Look at the massive lists of the people that mysteriously vanished that day and were never heard from again. On that same token, you wont find too many people in Chile with the birthday September 11, 1973, either... the US trained militants (called "milicos" in Chile) also raided Chilean hospitals. These militants were quietly labeled freedom fighters by the US government; but isn't it funny how the US conveniently labels groups as either freedom fighters or terrorists, at the US' convenience?

The Chilean militants were labeled as freedom fighters because they fought the socialist government. However, when the Irish Republican Army tries to free themselves from British rule, just like America did in the colonial days, they were labeled as terrorists for years!

But what about the Afghans?

When the Soviet Union tried to free Afghanistan from oppression, the US backed and trained the Afghans to make Afghanistan "free for democracy" (or free for helping the spreading of imperialism). But, a little over a decade later, the same Afghans that were labeled as freedom fighters by the US government (including Osama Bin Laden himself) are now labeled as terrorists.

Odd, wouldn't you say?