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mission drive within everything
Is that like, a Star Drive or something? I prefer the Improbability Drive.
Homeschooling, Military life. Humor, hopefully, but that can be hard, considering the two previous specialties.
I believe that I learned the most after school. So I must go with unschooled.
Not everyone can be a hero. Someone must stand and clap as they go by.
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Ron Wyatt
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Here's everything...
well not everything. Not much of anything, actually. But enough to give an inkling as to WHO I AMâ„¢.
0. male, late twenties
1. Christian.
2. Sailor. You know, like Popeye. More accurately, like Donald Duck.
3. Married with children.
4. Homeschooler. It's a soap-box of mine. You'll probably see lots on this one. It's a Crusade of mine.
5. Oh sure, there's more. Stick around, Rome wasn't built in a day.