Mad Gab

It's not what you say It's what you hear !

A card puzzle game consisting of 212 puzzle cards in one box. Each card has a puzzle on either side with the answer of the puzzle in the other side of the card. The puzzle consists of non-sensical phrases that if said out loud over over and over again (and I mean a lot of times) you'll some how get what the answer is.

Prefered method of play requires two player to sit face-to-face with a random Mad Gab puzzle card between them. Player A will see puzzle A and answer to puzzle B, while player B will see puzzle B and answer to puzzle A. Big fun.

warning : you'll be speaking a funny new language !

examples (more):
1. Tune Huts Al Hid
2. Mope Heed Ick
3. Dad Sheen Threw Thus No

answer : 1. Tuna Salad 2. Moby Dick 3. Dashing Through the Snow

get your copy now !!!