Avalon, the Legend Lives. Avalon, First Age.

Avalon is a massive multiplayer internet rpg or MUD. Rated the best MUD ever, this game is highly complex and very well organized. In the world of Avalon rpg, there are 4 main cities : Thakria, Springdale, Parrius and Mercinae. Players started being a newborn from one of these 4 cities and then proceed to live their live as they wished to. Various guilds and employment are available. Knights. Warrior. Bard. Mages. Wizards. Seer. Loremaster. Druid. Ranger. Bandits. Many other. One can either work his/her way up in his/her guild ranks, or may opt to become active in political activities between cities instead.

One can choose to develop skills toward a fighter-character, or opt instead for excellence in wizardry. One may also choose unique professions such as bards(singing, reciting poems, performing), bandits or beggars (steal money from people without them even noticing!), and even choose to life as pacifists, focusing their effort on healing others and a peaceful world.

The land of Avalon is amazingly vast, and is not limited only to those 4 cities. There are numerouse small towns which, if guided properly by their leader (human players too!) could one day gain the status of a city. Cities can also declare war on another and so does one guild with another (the most recent military movement being Parrius razing Mercinae and all its guilds).

The only bad thing I can find about Avalon is that it is NOT free. But still, you can try it's first 5 hours trials free (5 hours or more I'm not sure). The rate, however, is not high at all. Introductory rate being $30 for 30 hours of play. Once you try that, you would either succumb to the Avalon and starts playing at least 1 hour a day or either quit being too unimaginative. If your fall to the unfotunate path of the former, you could and would definitely apply for $30 (or more I forgot) for 1 month play (you could play as long as you want for 1 full month).

Not recomended for college kids still wanting to get good grades.

www.avalon-rpg.com. www.avalonfirstage.com