I had sex today and of all the things that happened to me this is the most deserving of comment

Everytime after I have sex I have to have a retrospective moment in which the same deduction always arises. Is this what I fantasize multiple times everyday? I mean don't get me wrong, sex is great! I thoroughly enjoy it everytime I get a chance to partake of it, but really is it all THAT good? Is it worth the many works of art that have been contributed to it? Does it merit the hype so many people give it? My immediate answer is always no. But then 10 minutes later I'm scoping some hot babe and wishing I could have sex with her.

I end up just being very confused and very tired.

Anyway school was decent today and I was able once again to have a successful flirt session with cute chick in my psychology class (read above for the irony in this). Other then that though everything was grey. as grey as these damn walls...