I am suspended from school today and tomorrow. Why you ask? Well because I did not attend a Saturday Detention I was assigned for not wearing my school ID. The truth is that I was sick, but of course my administrator would not believe something like that. Saturday Detentions are just 4 hours of sitting in which one is denied permission to talk, may only urinate once in less than satisfactory facilities, and must sit the duration.

Also by not wearing my school ID I think I was just participating in a bit of solo civil disobedience. School IDs are just a way of taking away mine and other student's individuality and making us in to numbers and bar codes. The school claims that we must wear them for "security reasons", but it should be obvious that they do not work very well. Just last week someone walked into the school and attacked a student and then promptly left. This student must now have reconstructive surgery. Ah I feel better now.