The haters are really our negative love superstars aren't they?

You don't really know the value of the negative gifts you receive from others. In composing the first draft of this w/u, I spelled the month correctly. This is because in my 4th or 5th grade class, during this month the nun would go around the class stopping at each desk with a big brass ruler to see how we spelled it. There were many gifts of this sort from this bride for whom I have the sincerest, as I'm sure she knew I would, gratitude.

Reading in Time online, about the Phelpses of Topeka, KS, I was stunned at the example of a whole family based on negative love, And then there's the Pontifex Maximus.

Well my friends, here's how it is.

You see I've figured out the problem is always one of the proper combination of principles, application of concepts. Just as it is that the negative suffering is less interesting than the positive, so the negative learning is more interesting than the positive. From the negative suffering escape is easy, if drastic. But dealing with pleasure, there's a challenge.

And the positive learning, is ... well, old. Pleasure reinforces, DUH.

I suppose the great of gift of those who hate us is in allowing us to see beyond affect, generally.

Your lover will let you grow and fat and slow, but your hater will keep you slim and sleek, you know, like ein Windhund.