Bo-Tswana, the nation state of the Tswana people, called 'The Gem of Africa' has the distinction (CIA Fact book) of being the fastest growing country in the world, with a steady annual growth of 9 percent since its independence from the British empire in which it was known as the protectorate of Bechuanaland in July 1966.

The success of the Tswana is believed to be due to several factors. The country has a low population, less than 2 million, currently has a zero rate of population growth, and is the worlds principle exporter of diamonds which since the early 1970s have been a main support of the economy. Additionally, the Northern Tswana, (most of the Tswana actually live in South Africa) have preserved the traditional African village system (in effect primitive socialism) and integrated it with a modern market economy. Botswana has the least corruption in Africa and is rated lower in corruption than many European, Asian, and American countries.

The Gini coefficient for Bo Tswana is one of the highest in the world showing that inequality and incorruption are not mutually exclusive.