For those who are interested in finding out more about British Traditional Wicca without making a commitment, or who would like help in finding a BTW coven near them, there is an excellent e-groups list up and running, They feature a monthly Seeker's list put out to help those Seeking be contacted by those Training in their area, several elders from many different British Trads all over the US (with a few contacts abroad), and a commitment to helping potential Seekers educate themselves about 'Wicca, the religion' (as opposed to 'Wicca, the trendy new way to say 'Witchcraft' without upsetting people').

Just one small comment about Swankivy's excellent piece above... most traditionals will agree, only the Gods can make a Witch. But only Wiccans can make more Wiccans. But it's all a path of self-discovery, and is the right place to start for many.

(Please note, the name of the yahoogroup is 'amberandjet', no spaces, dashes, underscores, or punctuation. Otherwise you risk signing up for a very different group. A&J is a list by BTWs about BTWs for those who want to learn more about British Traditional Wicca and possibly wish to look for a group in their area to possibly connect with. A&J doesn't trade recipes, Books of Shadows, love spells, charms, etc. It's a rather scholarly approach to a very real religion with set practices and a school of dogma and belief.)