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school is for people who can't learn on their own
If it hurts when you go like 'that', then don't go like 'that'
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I recently googled myself, and found that I'm not as succesful as the rest of "me" are. I'm crushed. I think I'm too old to start over.... or learn to be a great musician, a professor at a university, or train champion weimaraners. (apparently that's what "I've" been up to)

So what have I done with my life? I grew up in a small town in a big city. Living in a haunted house, constantly tormented, for my informative years. Many sleepless nights, frozen in fear. DARKNESS; the silouhette with the big hat. I, er should say we, have no name for the thing. Boy, could I feel it. I have since lived around, and could tell you if a place was haunted. I digress. I resided there, that is, until I turned 18 and could be "responsible". My responsibility led me to my first dirtbike, and motocross.Responsibility has caused me several broken bones, bad knees, back injuries, and a right good sense of humor. Since then I have continued to work to afford my addiction, er affliction, obsession..... OK so I race almost everyweekend!

Now, I've really gone and done it. I moved to a new state (3 years ago). I'm trying my hand at running my own business. I don't know how to do it all. All I WANT to do is race, and live a comfortable life.

Googling myself seems like a bad idea. I should have listened to the preists while I was in catholic school.

I also have a dark side. I blame it on DARKNESS. We all know its funnier at someone else's expense.

Aside from all that, I am told that I'm well liked and respected. Which is nice. I have a good work ethic, and my word is a bond... a promise is a promise. My creativity comes at my fingertips. My carpentry is unique, as are my drawings, paintings, etc. I hope to get to know me as others do. I know who I am as well as anyone who is evolving.

There's a bit of my story.......... to be continued