Note: This is not a review of the film.

I popped over to the multiplex yesterday for a showing of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. To sum it up, the movie was fun but ultimately forgettable - some have compared it to the Indiana Jones films but I fail to see how the experience is similar.

However, that's not the story here. The real story has to do with the fact that sitting right behind me was The Comic Book Guy.

Yes, that's right...the real-world personification of the much-loved character from The Simpsons. From the portly disheveled look, through the exact voice and "witticisms", right down to the smell (or what you can only imagine The Comic Book Guy smelling like, given that he's a cartoon character).

Throughout the movie, The Comic Book Guy decided to share in his pearls of wisdom while munching loudly on his extra-large barrel of popcorn. To wit, he let us know of the following, all done in that exact tone:

Well, thanks, Comic Book Guy for sharing your wisdom. Your loud commentary throughout the movie surely endeared you to the rest of the audience, most of whom made it a point to stare directly at your direction while leaving the theatre.

I can only hope that you're back again for Blade: Trinity and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.