I wonder if anybody remembers this classic game (produced by Big 5 Software) from the old Apple II days. You took control of the central character, Bounty Bob, and the object of the game was to search through the abandoned mines for Yukon Yohan. To complete a level, you had to run over and highlight every piece of ground which would be in the form of multiple platforms on each level. To make your life complicated, radioactive creatures would roam throughout the levels but there were items scattered throughout each level to help you destroy them.

The biggest challenge of the game was the precision jumping that would be required at most levels. Bounty Bob wasn't Superman...he would die if he fell a considerable height. Hence, if you came upon a level that required you to highlight a platform that was only a pixel wide, you had to time that jump as accurately as you could. Because of this challenging aspect, most players would pause the game as a level started to study the groundwork carefully and mark down where the difficult jumps would be.

Miner 2049er was ported over to other consoles, including the Atari 2600 and 5200, Commodore VIC-20, Colecovision, and 64.