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mission drive within everything
My mission is to serve the world unselfishly and make a profit. I love to Garden, bake), and cook. (food and mind) I enjoy sharing bohemian philosophies with my friends and I fulfill my soul making crafts of all nature, photography, glass etchings, petting my khitty khats, cooking for friends, good parties. I am so blessed to live by San Francisco where some of the best live music can be found on the planet.
Communication, Sensuality, Baking, Gardening, Music Appreciation
Lafayette Morehouse, CA
If it's not within 10' feet, you don't need it.
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I live for hearing live music, love a good poolside party, especially, when tropical air goes in and around your ears with a gentle breeze. Surfing the web, making things with my hands whether it be food or crafting, I love drinking good coffee in the morning, a good fire, in the evening and always, talkin' story. My dream is to have a little cafe in Hawaii.

I crave intellectual stimulation so I would be bored with any kind of Joe Six-Packs. I want philosophy to play an integral part of my life for the remainder of my days on Earth. I care about our planet and the animals and people who share our resources. I am interested in honest, loyal, simple, down to earth kindred people, who can be upstanding members of their community and aren't afraid to be in a friendship for the long haul. I want to meet people that just wont sit back and let things happen to them.

I believe that if you want to have a God in your life and be religious, that's fine, just go to your own church and pray there. I am not interested in people shoving their religion down my throat when I go out in public. Nor, should people's choices of religion have anything to do with government. It's two separate entities, each with its own merit.

I look at life this way, in life there are sheep and there are sheep herders, and I am not a sheep. I find it exhilarating when I see humans take responsibility for their own universe, their own public relations and their own life. People who are in a constant state of victim-ness, (sheep) are way too draining and it gets so very old, so very fast.

I'm looking for running buddies that want to play doubles against the world, and not against each other. With all my relationships, friends, lovers, and my family, giving isn't just 50%+50% it's 100%+100%!!! I love it when someone wants to give me what I want, and how I want it. I want them to have what they want too. It seems when that happens, my cupeth runneth over eth.