Today was really a very interesting day. This week for school is mainly spent preparing for exams, and for the tests and quizzes the teachers want to give us before those exams. Those evil b*stards.

In History, Lindsey Ling and I found out our outlines had to be one page, and that we had to reduce them for tomorrow. Yay.

In English, I was hoping to get my research paper back, which didn't happen.

The rest of the day wasn't anything special until kick ball where Coach Lee made me Team Captain, especially because I suck, but oh well, it was fun anyway. Sara was the MVP because she caught the ball...That is how much we suck...

I get home, and lo and behold, who did I get a letter from? Michelle DeJean!!! She sent me a headshot, a Christmas card that she and Mark made 2 years ago, and a signed picture of me and her. Tres exciting. More later..