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mission drive within everything
to upset the balance of nature
vices, misery - both mine
hard knocks!
its only kinky once
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Age: 22
Location: canberra, australia
Religion: church of no tomorrow
chief occupation: writer
way of earning money: chef
hobbies: bushwalking, music, religion, warhammer and collecting dead birds.
used to have a promising future as a health and building surveyour.
marital status: single and deviant

hi i am Orphanburner, the high priest of the church of no tomorrow,
a system of religion/philosphy joining ideas within Satanism, nihlism and crowley's law of thelema. i was raised a christian, innocent and pure, but embraced the world and warped into this. the church of no tomorrow still does community work with drug abused and homeless kids, like a normal church but doesnt feed them religion. The CNT preaches through art and expressionism, encouraging people to be themselves and shake off the fetters of modern society.