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Music, drugs, anime, random trivia.
CollegeofSmallMinds (CSM)
The capitolist system will crash and die, and when that happens I will be ready. (Also, fear the robots, the robopocalypse is upon us!!!!
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The Revolution will be televised
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Born in San Mateo, California, and raised in Half Moon Bay, I am still stuck in the small-town mentality. Growing up in a place where everybody knows everybody's name, life story, and most recent embarassing moments has an (apparent)negative effect on you.

I currently reside in Hayward and am majoring in journalism at the College of San Mateo. I work at the college television station here, and spend most of my work days surfing the web.

I like long walks on the beach, cats, and funny stuff. (Though most of my humor is of the more offensive kind.) I am a self-described music enthuiast, leaning more towards metal and hard-core, but I have an open mind, and will try most things once.