another twist on this game, sometimes called killer wink is that only one person picks the killer. everyone sits in a circle and closes their eyes while this person-in-the-know walks around the circle and picks the killer by tapping them on the head. after the killer is picked, everyone opens their eyes and tries to catch the killer in action. the killer kills by winking at people. when someone believes they have spotted the killer, they raise their hand and say "I have an accusation!". before they can accuse, however, they must have someone else who can back up their accusation. both people count to three and point to who they believe the killer is. if they point and two different people they both die. if they both point at the wrong person, they both die. if they both point at the right person, the killer loses. the killer wins by killing everyone (minus one person... if you get down to one person plus the killer, obviously everyone alive knows who the killer is, but there is no one left to back the innocent up on an accusation).

sometimes the person who picks the killer may choose to add a "bomb" by tapping their head twice. if the killer winks at the bomb, the bomb explodes and the killer dies.