my man will hate to hear this but...

i had a dream. i was in a wedding dress. it was pretty, but for some reason the chest area of it was padded like the chest protectors i wear when i spar. i changed in a dank dirty bathroom reminiscent of the subway stations you see in video games like duke nukem... dirty tiled walls, broken urinals spraying water, etc.

i wore no makeup. i never do. it would have seemed odd for me to wear makeup. my hair was longer than it really is now, and in a jennifer anniston style (bleh) but messier. i desperately needed some hairspray to tame my 'fro, but there wasn't any to be had. i looked fab-o anyway.

my sister came and got me and we piled into a miniature train like there are at amusement parks (or at ricky stratton's house in "Silver Spoons"). there were stands of people just watching me be paraded by in this wedding dress, and i waved to them like a homecoming queen.

eventually we got where we were going which was a mouldy saltbox house, the manse to a church. i was to wait there for the ceremony to start. then i noticed big yellow boot sticking out askew from a book shelf. when i investigated further, i saw that it was a dead fire fighter. then i woke up.