today was busy, but goals were accomplished. i feel useful. i love it. woke up. took a shower. rode to work. work, work, work. rode home. late. 8ish. vacuumed. steam cleaned. cleaned the litter box. gathered the trash. cleared off the balcony (it's to be pressure washed tomorrow). sat down. (ahhhhhhhh). smoked a bowl and a cigarette. now i node. well, i daylog.

as much stress as i feel at work, i really don't enjoy my job without it. without a feeling of urgency of some sort i tend to lose motivation and get a bit sluggish.

i wish i had gone to the store tonight instead of putting it off until tomorrow, but it was such a long constant day today. i just wanted to kick back. i am a bit hungry, but i got peaches yesterday. they are no comparison to the hand picked peaches we picked last weekend. they are pulpy and bland. but for store-bought peaches, they're not too bad.

i also wish i had taken an half hour out of my day to get a manicure. tomorrow. yes. tomorrow. and speaking of...

tomorrow i must accomplish: