i come back home to the news of another week without you. i put my trust in higher powers: you will come home to me. but i am still sad -- a vacation while you were away on business seemed convenient. you would be gone anyway, vacation would keep my mind off that, and i could come home to you. but you won't be home until one week from today, the day before my birthday. no worries my love, i don't hold it against you. i hold it against your employers.

i know i am selfish, but so far you have not seemed to mind my overwhelming desire for your presence.

that said, here is a summary of my trip to mom's. i couldn't sleep friday night until 4:30am and was woken up at 7:30 by my sister pounding on my door. i got dressed in record time and we grabbed drive-through breakfast and hit the road. we hit heavy fog in the mountains, but made good time, arriving at mother's in four and a half hours. mom was not home when we got there, her friend's husband was in the hospital, violent with alzheimer's disease and she had decided she could no longer care for him at home. mom came home shortly, after comforting her friend. we made dinner reservations, and went to see the house that my grandmother is building. it's huge with fabulous views to the south and east. we met two of mom's sisters for dinner, and got news that one of them, melanie, was moving to rhode island to attend the naval war college to get another master's degree, and has made the rank of captain. i expect that she will attain the rank of admiral within her career. dinner was excellent (teriyaki swordfish), uncle bill talked of his recent visits to washington to work on litigation surrounding the new war memorial.

sunday, we went shopping all over montrose just for grins. it was a lazy drizzly day, and we stayed in the warm watching movies. monday we unpacked the last of mom's stored boxes and helped her sort through their contents. we threw away a lot of stuff. in the afternoon we grilled kabobs and mushroom caps for dinner. we packed the car up as much as we could and settled in to bed early after playing some scrabble. we left this morning round 9:45.

and that was that.