didn't accomplish anything on yesterday's list of stuff to do. today was busy at work. software went gold. had to help our photographer with some photoshoots. worked on a side project -- writing some tools for the software repository. had to help out a coworker who called from a worksite. got home ~7:30pm. walked the dog. called my man. grabbed a sandwich. now i daylog.

i got some thinking done today. i am going back to martial arts class tomorrow. i am going to finish my term there then switch to a local studio which offers classes in the morning. i am a morning person. evenings are my time to be lazy, to clean the house, to relax, to spend time with my pets. or even work late if i feel like it. i don't like to feel hurried in the evenings. to me, the morning is the essence of hurry. no matter time i go to bed i always seem to wake up around seven. i found a tae kwon do studio close by (i could ride my bike to it) which offers classes from 7:00 until 8:30 am. this is perfect. i will have to start over from the begining but i should advance quickly. it's a good solution.

to do tomorrow: good night all.