to do when i wake up:
  • shower (maybe a bath) - done, took at bath, 7:30 am. fell asleep in the tub til 10. i haven't been able to get warm since.
  • water the plants - done. fertilized them too.
  • find a tax man - fuck it. let the gubment come after me.
  • mail a package - done.
  • get a manicure - done. i love the manicure.
  • eat (right now i'm thinking veggie burger) - done. but it was a foot long turkey sub (i can't believe i ate the whole thing!)
  • buy new paint brushes - decided the ones i have are fine.
it's actually pretty cold out. and it was very windy today. there were mounds of big stormy clouds but when the sun poke through it was bright and an amazing contrast to the gloomy grey cloud shadows.

more later

okay it's later. i accomplished everything but the tax man. the bath was cool before i fell asleep. the rim of the tub presses against the back of my head and it feels like my scalp falls asleep. the water was cold when i woke up. my fingers and toes were so wrinkly they hurt. but i got out, wrapped up in some warm clothes (yay i wore my size 10 jeans!) and went out to get everything done. in addition to the above, i also bought slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat, curtains and a rod for the living room, 1 and 1/2 dozen each of orange and red roses, 6 fishies, 2 snails and a new filter for the tank.

here is what i must accomplish tomorrow:

there is a show on the discovery channel about the legend of king arthur and the kights of the round table. they are shoing lots of men in suits of armor and i am reminded of when i had to don one. they are quite uncomfortable. actually it wouldn't have been so bad if the armor had been made specially for me. it was too large, and the weight of the whole suit came to bear at a seam which rested firmly on my collar bones. but it was fun. i digress. on this show they're showing links between the myth of king arthur and george lucas' Star Wars. and this, i realize, is why i hated episode one. the original three movies were a long wonderful saga, an epic*. it was a no-nonsense tale of good versus evil. then comes episode one. and i kept expecting jarjar binks to break into song and dance. i shouldn't be so quick to judge since there are two more installments to go before we get to Star Wars in the time line. Maybe the cartooniness of it is intentional -- to show the disparity between then (episode one, sunny and smurfy) and later on (Star Wars, grey and dismal). but i also feel one of the great flaws of episode one is that they used well known actors for the roles. the characters, in my opinion would have been more believable. i also really REALLY wish they didn't use CGI aliens as main characters. no matter how good it is, there's just a CGI look to it. anyhoo. on to other topics...

* but i hated the ewoks

a letter to my love in utah,

my dearest, my soul. i wish you were here. sleeping alone on a saturday night sucks. but. i don't want you to be be sad about being in utah. i am proud of you. i think where you are working is going to turn into a very good thing. you are, as they say, The Man. we are at an exciting time in our lives, our individual lives and our life as two people who love each other. we are both busy, but i think we both are very much charged by a frenzied work environment. we might spend some time apart now, but we have our whole lives ahead of us.

i miss you terribly. when you come home i am going to smother you with hugs and kisses. for now i have the danners and the squeek and bosley looking after me.

i love you! i love you! i love you! remember that. and i am proud of you (and you look super-fucking-fine in a suit) two weeks will pass quickly. i will be waiting for you. with a bottle of wine and pretty panties under my usual-peg-uniform. i'd offer to have dinner waiting, but...

well that's all for now. i'm sure i will hear from you via phone before you even read this. these are the things i want to say to you but would wind up sounding so gushy and girly -- and you know how i feel about gushy girly stuff.

smooch. i'll talk to you soon, my love.

love, peggy