An update concerning Hermetic:

Today, my first day back at work since Monday, I found a mail in my inbox from Adam's ex-wife. Because I have not have been given permission to do so, I can't share that mail publically, however there are some details that I must disclose.

His family, feeling that Adam would not desire it, have decided against a funeral.

She told me many things which have helped me to feel more comfortable with the events that occured. She thanked me for my efforts, and having been only one of many who tried to help Adam, I want to pass those thanks on to everyone who did what they could out of concern and love for him.

I responded with condolences, and asked to be notified of any other type of service which may be arranged if it was okay with the family, and asked if it would be okay to forward such information to Adam's friends.

I know that many of you feel the same as I do. We are left with no sense of closure. For that I apologize. I will forward what information I can, when I can. Adam's family's wishes will be adhered to.

I am sorry I have not specifically called many of you personally to forward this information. I am in a state of emotion which would not currently allow me to convey this information reasonably.

I appreciate greatly the outpouring of concern and sympathy I recieved from many of you. Please do not concern yourself with me, in this world I am very small. It is not possible to come away from an experience like this unchanged. I walk away incredibly sad, and missing a wonderful friend, but ultimately I will be stronger than I was before.

As you pray for those affected by the events on Tuesday, please include Adam and his family.