tired. i wanted to sleep in but i had to take my brother-in-law to work today while his car is in the shop. on the way to my job, there was a car blocking the road with it's right turn signal on, but refusing to actually turn. the way was perfectly clear and there were more cars behind me so I felt it absolutely necessary to lay on the horn. he still wouldn't move. so i screeched around him (probably not the coolest idea since i was in front of the cop station). having just expressed a modicum of road rage and feeling the high from assholery, i continued to drive like an asshole. on the final stretch to my office, i drove as fast as i could. i had images of my boyfriends new RC car in my head... seeing it take corners sideways, doing 360s, stopping on a dime. i knew i was pretty fast, but i did it anyway.


how glorious it was. i put down the brake and started to turn left. as the car turned, i began to slide and the wheels made a perfect dukes of hazzard screech. the back end fishtailed a bit, but all in all i took the corner perfectly. any faster and i would have wound up with my passenger side door embedded in the sign at the corner or maybe i would have rolled when my the wheels on the passenger side hit the curb. but i didn't. people stared. i felt like i just won a race.

oh. my man's gunna have my hide for this one, but all i can say is that i had a total awareness of my car and what it was going to do. everything happened as i thought it would and it was really quite fun. i am ready for monday.


ghastly news. the man is going away for three weeks. can't come home on weekends. i am devastated. the thought of weekends without him leaves me feeling very lonely. the 23rd - 26th i'm going to visit my mother. three weeks. at least. ouch. sleeping alone sucks. i think i'll have some wine and mope.

later nighttime

go see the phallic peach.

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