looking for a mother's ring to buy my mom for christmas. i wish i could afford to buy her something spectacular, but i can't, so i will buy ye olde generic mother's ring. i will not get simulated stones, though. so right now i'm doing the final choosing -- they're all 14 carat yellow gold (her preference), with 3 stones: opal (for me), amethyst (for jenn), and ruby (for mom). unfortunately, most of the three stone options are kinda ugly, so i may just wind up getting two stones, one for me one for jenn. also, combining clear red and purple stones with an opaque pinkish-white stone may look odd, whereas pinkish-white with purple may be better. but we'll see. I could go with pink tourmaline (which, according to the prices for the rings is more expensive) instead of opal for my october birth stone -- but i've always considered opal to be my birth stone and the pink tourmaline to be a fake.

even though the man left for california yesterday, i'm in a decent mood. i had dinner with his sister last night, and his nephew drew me a picture which is now on my fridge. it's odd sitting down for dinner with a family -- a family that actually cooks from scratch, talks during dinner, and actually like each other.

the whole 2000 election is dumb. dumb dumb dumb. ra ra retarded! and that's all i have to say about that.
more later...


robert downey jr. was busted again. this time at merv griffin's resort hotel & givenchy spa in palm springs, california. pretty humourous. they found cocaine andmethamphetamine. i think he must really like jail.

last night the florida election was certified, showing george w. bush as the winner in that state's election after a process of manual ballot recounts in several counties. al gore had insisted upon recounts, and now challenges those recounts. silly.

superquick world news update:

all over the place, people are killing each other in the name of unproven gods and the latest sneaker fashions. while 40% of the planet saw at least some part of the last victoria's secret fashion show, thousands of other people died of hunger. unknown diseases are spreading and known diseases are mutating. politicians, all over the place, are being assholes at an alarming rate. fat populations don't care about anything they don't see on their teevee set. and so the world keeps spinning.