so, my interest in plants is blossoming (tee hee) into a real obsession. the only issue i find myself with is that i am a perfectionist -- and with plants, perfection is a goal which takes a while to achieve. and, once it has been achieved, may only last one growing season. but no bother. i am learning more patience, which would be a valuable addition to my personal arsenal of virtues (a hopelessly understocked arsenal).

i enjoy succulents most, i find them fascinating. the many interesting forms they can take, their hardiness, the cool ways they have adapted for survival in varying environments. the fact that some very strange plants can put up breathtaking, almost alien flowers. The succulents i own are: the non-succulent plants i own are: plants i would like to own:
  • Aeonium arboreum (tree aeonium) - imagine a tree with no foliage except artichoke looking things at the end of each branch
  • Fritha Pulchra (pink baby's toes) - they're called baby's toes, but to me they look like a clump of chopped off legs of tiny elephants with their feet planted skyward
  • Haworthia truncata (cut window plant) - doesn't look at all like a plant, looks like dark rectangular stones sticking up out of the ground
  • Lithops, any species (living stones) - all species are neat. for plants that barely look alive they make awesome flowers
  • Sedum morganianum (burro's tail) - looks like dreadlocks. i want to find a planter which is shaped like a human head to put these in
i am trying to decide if i want to keep my kalanchoes as they are, or to do stem cuttings and propagate new plants. Oddly, when i got the kalanchoe there were four planted in one pot, and none of them had the typical large round leaves on the main stem. even now, after a pruning and good solid care, the plant shows plenty of new growth but the leaves just aren't what they should be. i think i'll do stem cuttings. tomorrow.

for now, i go home. take a long bath. and chill.