i only bother to open my snailmailbox about twice a month, as often as i pay my bills. earlier this year i signed up for the NRA, and i am proud to have done so. not because i necessarily agree with their politics on all issues, but because i am contributing to the image that it IS john q. public, your nextdoor neighbour, the girl you work with, who owns a gun and owns it responsibly -- for target shooting, skeet shooting, and home protection.

i'm not a feminist in any way, shape, or form. i've had my boobs help get me several jobs (not to say i'm not smart, i am, but some men care more about boobs than brains) and a myriad of favours over the years. and no, i don't consider this wrong. it's human nature. i am more pleasant, and go further out of my way for people who are appealing to me physically. so do most people.

so i wasn't offended (or even annoyed) at what i found inside a magazine that the NRA sent me -- but i could see the humour in it. mostly in how it could be misinterpreted by women who would consider themselves feminists and who don't support George W. Bush.

so not only was it printed on the front of the magazine who the NRA endorsed for president, but inside were bumper stickers. One said,

Sportsmen for Bush!
Paid for by the NRA

tee hee. sportsmen. i can imagine sending a soccer mom into a cardiac infarction over not only a sticker support bush, but one made by the NRA AND so obviously sexist. see, when talking politics some people are so gung-ho that these tiny little semantic things become reasons why the candidate is an asshole, an antichrist, and a reason to turn into a spitting raging bitch during an inconsequential political discussion with someone who doesn't share their viewpoint. using the term "sportsmen" becomes sexist, being backed by the NRA meaning he must advocate killing school children.

i see news stories showing people picketting in florida, facing off, bush supporters versus gore supporters. their faces are bright red and they're yelling at each other vehemently and with fervor. they think that because the people standing across from them didn't vote the same way they did, they're WRONG. "They're wrong, we're right, and ain't no one gunna change our mind." But they're still arrogant enough to try to change the OTHER guy's mind. And arrogant enough to think yelling and insulting will accomplish it. silly. they just need to realize they're all outside in warm sunny florida, having futile arguments instead of being at work. so, they may as well send someone for a keg, some barbeque and have a block party. just drop the politics, they won't change each other's minds, and move on to happier subjects more worthy of a public gathering than two potato headed candidates.

but back to the sticker, i'm going to put it on my car, but with a modification. it'll simply say,

Men for bush!

you can't really argue with that.