today i am six feet tall.

juliet sent me a pair of shoes. they're sort of maryjane style, but with large platform soles. all of my denims are dirty, and so today i wore a skirt.

other than these new shoes, i only own two pair -- black 4-eye doc martens and brown hiking boots. until a recent funeral these shoes had served me well, meeting all my needs. now i have something that goes with skirts. werd.

another company in the building does a lot of team building activities. tomorrow they are going to go whitewater rafting on the shenandoah river and i have been invited to go along. i left a message with my boyfriend to find out if he is interested, and if he is in, i will wake up feeling terribly ill tomorrow morning and call in sick to work. i hope he wants to go. it sounds like fun.

YAY! practice ruled. what a workout. AND WE GO WHITEWATER RAFTING TOMORROW! wh000ty-t00t-t00t!!!