jupiter, and it's position in the sky at birth is used in astrology to describe the areas in which a person can expand within their life. jupiter symbolizes:

in astrological charts, jupiter is symbolized as:

    (   |
       /   |
      /    |
Roninspoon forwarded this url to me: http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/7390/eso_ast.html

"The glyph of the planet Jupiter combines the cross and the crescent, with the circle conspicuously missing. The crescent stands upon the left arm of the cross..."

"...the circle refers to the ring of the Sun, which is the experience level of consciousness, and the cross refers to the Earth, which is the substance of the experience. That the circle is missing in the glyph of Jupiter indicates that the issues of Jupiter are beyond the experience level of consciousness, beyond the conscious mind, yet still affecting the substance of experience..."