wake up. it's gorgeous out. decide to ride my bike to work. load up on coffee and miscellaneous vitamin supplements.

i don't know what to node today. i am a mere 6 writeups from level 5. i'm stuck. my day log entries are all well and good, but i would prefer to add some real content to everything. i have some downtime today at work. my tasks for the next few days are taken care of. i'll get started on next weeks tasks soon, but i'm going to take some time to goof off.

more later...


well, so i goofed off more than i meant to. i just needed 6 write ups to get to level 5, and i added about 30 about volcanoes. heh, there goes the work day. oh well. everything i did was worked into the volcano meta-node which is well worth a looking at.

I have achieved Level 5! Mwa Ha Ha!

evening plans

grab a sub or go to the grocery store for some stuff. pick up the packages for me at the rental office. walk the dog. run the vacuum over the carpet. sit and take some deep breaths. go to practice. come home. eat sub (or stuff from the grocery store). don't stay up too late.