weekend summary

there is absolutely nothing better than holding a shotgun and shouting "PULL!" and hitting the skeet on your first ever attempt to do so. SMASH! whoah! i hit it! i jumped for joy. i figured i'd be lucky to hit one clay pigeon during the day -- when i hit the first one i tried... well, i almost stopped for the day figuring it's best to stop while you're ahead. but i kept going. i'm not bad for a first-timer, and i plan on getting better with lots of practice. it's amazingly satisfying to hit a 4 inch moving target at 50 yards with a shotgun that bucks like a bronco against your shoulder and cheek... but really, when you've got a target to aim at, you really don't notice the recoil at all.

my right shoulder is sore and has a huge hickey-like bruise. but it doesn't matter. i got the clay pigeon on the first shot. I AM THE MAN.

yes, my vacation was wonderful.


wake up, shower, kiss the man goodbye, go to work. coffee. coffee. coffee.

i'm going to go to practice today... i hope to get in four days of practice this week.

work is going to be tough, there's a lot of projects on my plate right now, but it's nothing i can't handle. i'm glad to have deadlines again. i work best on a schedule.


coffee. coffee. coffee. i have forgotten to eat again. i'll do so after practice tonight. it's rainy and grey, but i don't mind. it was mostly sunny and beautiful during my vacation. i have finished all of my objectives for the day, i just need to deliver code to the boss man.