monday morning

wake up, lean over the kitty to smooch the gorgeous man sleeping next to me. get dressed, walk the dog and make sure the man is awake and aware of his surroundings. smoke a cigarette and go to work.

i have to resume the no-fat liquid diet today in preparation for more testing on my gallbladder this afternoon and tomorrow morning. given the pain i feel when not on heavy painkillers (which i haven't taken today due to the goofy-at-work factor), i hope they just rip that durned organ right out of my tum-tum.

the boss pops in and tells me to look at our stock. we're up. we put out a press release this morning about a partnership with a big company. good news.

i've got to get down to work and finish the conversion from visual source safe to cvs SOON. i think i will lay down the plans for that today and get to it tomorrow after my morning appointment or wednesday.

more later...


no practice today. or until the gallbladder thing is worked out one way or another. i feel too weak to go anyway. fruit smoothies don't make for good fuel. i am having a difficult time finding a non-fat liquid diet that satisfies the nutritional requirements.

so instead of martial arts practice, i'll go home and clean a bit. maybe try to finish the painting i've been working on for months.


came home from work, walked the dog, cleaned, made smoothie, played scrabble with my sister. i am now watching ally mcbeal. will read some heinlein, then go to bed early.