i feel pretty good today. woke up, took a shower, smoked a cigarette and went to work. at work i started on a new build and took the downtime waiting for it to finish compiling to check the news headlines. i found a story titled Thin Isn't In!... i am, admittedly, confused by the article. is it possible? is it? my ultra-paranoid side tells me this is just some researchers way of trying to make people feel better about themselves... but it is possible? despite what is so tremendously glorified on television and in the movies, is it possible that REAL PEOPLE prefer REAL BODIES? that people find toothpick thin supermodel waifs the least desirable type of body? i don't know. i just dunno. i don't think i can swallow that.

anyway, i've actually got to accomplish stuff today.

more later...


suddenly there's a pain in my side, above my belly button on the right. walking seems to help so i go down to smoke a cigarette and run into grizz. he says it sounds like when he had gallstones, and i should go to the doctor. so i go. first the doc seems to think it might be food poisoning and asks me several times if i've eaten anything outside. nope. i haven't eaten anything. the doctor sends me to a radiologist for an abdominal sonogram, which shows no gallstones, but that the wall of my gallbladder is much thicker than it should be. they want to do more tests. my doc recommended going to the ER to get the tests done immediately, but with pain killers i can wait until tuesday. the ER sucks. i'm given some acid blockers, an anti-emetic, and heavy painkillers, and sent for blood work. on my way to get the blood work done, i stop at the pharmacy and drop off the prescriptions. on my way out the pharmacy door i hear:
"excuse me ma'am? can i ask you a question?"
     "yes sir?"
"are you married?"
     "no, but i'm involved."
"you got friends?"
     "yes, i have plenty of friends."
"may i give you my phone number, as a friend?"
     "i'm sorry, but i don't think so."
ugh. i was in pain. grimmace-walk-funny pain. i'm pretty pale. i don't look so good. but this guy still walks up to me. heh. i like the "as a friend" part. never seen me, never talked to me, no clue as to what, if anything, we have in common. he was very polite, though. i will give him kudos for that. it's flattering, but i really would rather have not been bothered.

the blood tests were more than i expected. i had to pee in a cup, too. they're doing a whole lot of tests. CBC, hepatic panel, electrolite levels), pregnancy test, both blood and urine (exceedingly unlikely, but just in case) and some others i don't remember.

peeing in a cup isn't easy when you don't have a pee nozzle.

now i'm at home, watching the boob tube and writing this. i took two percocet. still waiting for them to ease the pain. i'm not supposed to eat solid food, and no fat whatsoever. ugh. this sucks. i hope it's nothing serious.