i haven't eaten yet, and i really should... otherwise i'll find myself forgetting about dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow and it'll spiral down.

my sister, her husband, my boyfriend, and i are heading to my moms house tomorrow morning. i am very excited. we will have fun. i love my mom, i love my sister, i love her husband, and i love my boyfriend. we will go swimming, shooting, hiking, and other fun stuff.

unfortunately, i had promised my mother i would find a spare-parts computer for a neighbour of hers. they're not well off, and have been looking forward to this for months. i (or course) put off finding a working computer until today. and it didn't work. i had to fight extensively with it. it left me horribly scarred. i'm in a much better mood now that it is working than i was when it was being a vile heap of crap.

more later. maybe.