friday morning


figures it would look to be a pretty weekend when i don't have my favourite person to share it with. tuesday. tuuuesssssdaaaayy.

i drove to work, despite the sun. i'm feeling kinda woozy today.

i don't know what i'll do this weekend. clean house, deffinitely. paint maybe. ride my bike perhaps.

in the words of winnie the pooh "think think think".

i'm so close to level 7, but i have noder's block. my daylogs will get me through shortly even if i don't node anything else. the boss isn't in and my work is pretty much done, so i'll try to come up with something today. something good.

more later...

friday evening

come home. it's cloudy out now. walk the dog. smoke a bowl. vacuum. steam clean. then what? i dunno. reading. painting. long hot bath.

friday night

a bath isn't too likely anymore. there's a storm and the lights are on and off, on and off. i don't want to get trapped in a dark bathroom. i don't want to lose power.

i miss the man. a lot. i want to smooch. i keep vacuuming. over and over again. the dining room, then the living room. if i lose power i'll paint by candlelight and see what turns out.

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