thursday afternoon

i rode my bike in to work today. i really enjoy riding in the morning. it's nice. it wakes me up. gets my blood circulating.

i'm actually finally back in the habit of doing work at work. instead of just fucking around. i feel pretty good about that. sometimes, during my weeks of no-motivation-no-accomplishment, i feel awful guilty about pulling in a paycheck whilst doing absolutely nothing. sometimes i just need a kick in the seat of the pants.

i'm going back to martial arts practice tonight. i'm going to miss having my lazy-at-home evenings but i need to get back in shape.

i have finally decided on my next tattoos but i'm not telling anyone about it until i actually have them. two of them. they're going to be so wonderful.

it'll be nice to have something a little more feminine than my current tattoos.

i want to get this done SOON. now that i have figured out what i want, i want it NOW. i'm going to check the bank account and see if i can afford to do it this weekend and still pay back my boyfriend the $300 i owe him...

(checking via online banking... two more bills to pay before my next paycheck, total of $71.00, which will leave aout $600 in my account, minus $300 i owe craig leaves roughly $300.)

hrmmmm... the tattoos shouldn't be expensive, they're going to be quite small, fairly uncomplicated, and in only black ink. but i think i'll hold off anyway. that's the smart thing to do.

more later...