tuesday morning

today, i have a new outlook on life. i feel more positive. i feel more focused. i rode my bike in to work today, but bending still hurts a but since my belly button is infected, so i'll hold off on going back to martial arts practice until thursday.

my major projects at work are completed but i have been asked to look at a reporting script that no longer works since syslog in solaris 8 has changed format, so i have stuff to do. i doubt fixing that script will take much of my time, and so i don't feel too awful about procrastinating a bit on everything today.

i wish it were the weekend again. i miss having the man around whenever i want him. i miss being able to roll over next to him, or calling out his name and having him appear by my side. i miss having him cook for me (yummy teriyaki salmon last weekend).

i feel blessed to have found such a truly wonderful person with whom i share interests and attraction. sometimes i worry though that in some way i might not be showing him how much i appreciate how good he is to me.
more later...