start the week. time to contract and shrink.

wake up, walk cozmo, smoke a cigarette, watch the news, take a shower, go to work, make coffee, water the plants. do work. yes. do work. i actually must do work.

I feel pretty awful today, i'm surprised i got to bed at all last night. but i did. i didn't sleep well, kept waking up, and cozmo was being an asshole all night, but. but i'm awake and at work. and drinking coffee. and procrastinating.

so the first of the pregnant contingent at work pushed out a puppy. 8lbs, 20", girl. i didn't bother remember the name. another 8767 women are standing in line to push out their progeny -- all of them wondering why i'm not pregnant. i think they're putting anti-birth-control stuff in the water here. anyway. more later.
it's later... went home early to sleep, doc appointment at 4:30 was cancelled, doc told me to visit him tomorrow after the sonogram. picked up some wine on the way home from buying new plants... soon i'll play with the cactus garden a bit... my [sempervivum|sempervivums} need some work. i think i'll take what cuttings i can from the semps, repot them and plant an aloe i bought in the old pot.