well. so yesterday i called my doctor. i am so completely and totally frustrated with the amount of pain i feel on a daily basis. you see, last year in june i had my gallbladder removed after living with pain in my upper right abdomen for some time. since the surgery, i have continued to feel pain, and it's worse than before the surgery. it is constant. and 3 or 4 nights a week i wake up between 4:00am and 6:00am in intense pain from my bra-line to my belly button, all the way across. walking around or taking a shower will help a bit (marijuana helps more), or if i really need to finish sleeping i will ball up a pillow and lay with it under the area of my stomach that hurts. the pressure makes it feel better. i also sweat intensely, so much that i leave blankets soaking wet and wake up amazingly cold, uncomfortable, itchy, and even wrinkled as though i just got out of the bathtub.

my doctor said he couldn't help me, but to talk to the surgeon who removed my gallbladder. i called him, and he said i need a procedure called ERCP, but that he doesn't perform it. he referred me to a gastroenterologist. they said the situation sounded bad and that they would see me tomorrow morning at 9:15am. Unfortunately, the doctor may not be able to perform the procedure for another three weeks. so i called my general practitioner back and requested pain medications.

what i have read about ECRP says that only local anesthetic is used, but the gastroenterologist told me they use general anesthesia, and the procedure may be done inpatient, given my symptoms. i also read that depending on the location involved, the endoscope may go in through my mouth or through my side. neither sounds particularly comfortable, although i'd rather have a sore throat than an incision in my side.

anyway, i am now less frustrated than i was. the wheels are in motion to get the pain gone, and i don't have to wait too long. but i am a chicken. a BIG chicken. bawk bawk beegawk.