wake up with heartburn and rumbly guts, but in good spirits. i've been painting the past few nights, good stuff. nothing i am ready to show anyone, but good stuff nonetheless.

my first day as an editor. i think i shall specialize in cut-and-paste writeups. they irk me quite a bit and i don't mind doing the investigation to find them.

on that note, i heartily advise EVERYONE to make it a habit to investigate ANY node that they are considering cooling.

there is a lady at work who is in the process of starting divorce proceedings with her husband. he has been quite stupid, leaving logs open on his computer of his encounters with women on the net. i can relate so much to this woman, given that my last boyfriend was a putz, too. he would wait until i went to sleep, grab the KY and go masturbate in front of the computer, either while talking to women or while looking at pictures of women. i know some women don't consider this to be infidelity. I DO. it's a habit i think is creepy and discusting in a relationship unless both parties agree that it is an okay thing.

anyhoo. thank god it's friday. my man comes home tomorrow. yay! we shall eat mushrooms and mashed potatoes, drink wine, and cuddle.
new nodes: these are to add to my growing list of writeups about crassulaceae, with rosette forming genera being my primary focus. Future additions will include rosularia, graptopetalum, aeonium, dudleya, and X graptoveria (an intergeneric hybrid made by crossing graptopetalum with echeveria).