Lord deliver me from the noise of the construction across the hall from my office.

i am tired, i haven't been sleeping too well. but today i am in higher spirits than i've been lately. Stock is up 31% today, huzzah!

my skin is awful dry, it gets this way in winter but it's more severe than usual, particularly on my hands.

the man finally comes home saturday, can't wait.

i finally went through two months worth of piled up mail. i got current on all my bills. now i just have to straighten out last years taxes... i will go to a tax preparation guy for this years taxes and talk about how to fix my return from last year. oi. oi oi oi.

more later...
ahhhh, home. i am still in good spirits. work was work was work. now at home i am chilling, relaxing, and making plans. my biggest concern (now that i've come current on my bills) is figuring out why i sweat so much at night. lately it has been every night and i am feeling quite dehydrated. i am quite cold intolerant, but my first step will be to lower the temperature in my house. i prefer to keep it at around 72 degrees, but i will lower it to around 68. i will stop sleeping with my electric blanket (though i sweat with or without it). i will call the doctor tomorrow and make an appointment.
well, i think i really need to stop taking some of my medications, i think they may contribute to my night sweats. i can't stop taking the anti-convulsant, but i think it's time to cut the others out.