good day. got a ring on my finger, the sun is out, and stock is up. it should be an interesting day.

unfortunately i feel some pain coming on, and i think i am finally going to give in and give nitroglycerin a try. i've been to chicken to actually take it, despite the doctore saying there have been quite succesful studies done on nitroglycerin for biliary colic. it's an old-people drug, though. it's for people who are having heart attacks. it just frightens me. but hey, it might help. some of the side effects worry me, though. pounding headache, syncope, etc. we shall see.

Mua ha ha! So I tried it! and it WORKED! the first dose seemed to help, but the pain was still bad, so i popped another one under the tongue five minutes later. within a minute or two after that second pill, i felt 100% again. i feel a bit speeded up, and i have to be careful when i stand up, but it WORKED. fabulous day!

my advice for young e2 users
  • you may see nodes about noding, but that doesn't mean that it's a good idea for you to make one too. it's bad form. it's frowned upon. that others exist and may have positive reputation doesn't mean they're GOOD nodes. Read E2 FAQ: When is it okay to node about noding?.
  • e2 is not a good forum for me too nodes. don't add a writeup to a node just to agree (or disagree) with the original writeup. Add some NEW information to a node, or don't bother to add anything.
  • stay on topic! nodes have titles for a reason. they explain the content. if you MUST digress, please explain the relation between your digression and the node topic.
  • Microsoft bashing is passé. Not all connotatively negative adjectives need a reference back to Microsoft or AOL (or whatever you may think sucks).
  • Personal accounts of your existance belong in a daylog. If you feel that it is really worthy of being it's own node, bulk it up, add detail and emotion, and make it a well written short story.
  • DON'T write FAKE definitions!
    1. They're usually NOT AT ALL FUNNY.
    2. People generally look something up because they don't know what it is. Joke definitions don't help.
Read Words of Advice for Young Noders.