happy valentine's day. my feeling about this day are still out. the man called this morning and didn't mention it (then again, neither did i).

in '99 i broke my ankle in possibly the stupidest way. i was writing a bullshit "I'm sick and staying home from work" letter, i sat on my feet to keep them warm. my right foot fell so asleep that i didn't know it was asleep. i put all my weight on a limp, lifeless foot. this bended it backwards and snapped my ankle pretty good. this morning i did the same exact thing (except it happened AT work, in front of people). it's not broken, it's not too swollen. i can walk on it and move it okay, but pressure from my shoe is excruciating.

i gotta stop sitting on my feet.

it's rainy and gloomy. and gloomy. very gloomy. did i mention gloomy? as much as i hate the cold, snow would be better than this constant mist falling. prettier.

i have $1.88, and that's all i have. i am broke. i have been since last week. i have no food. i have no cat food (she's getting dog food, which i do have). i have credit cards, but they're cut in half. i have gathered all the spare change i could find so that i can afford cigarettes. fortunately payday is friday. unfortunately i'm out of oranges, which have been the only food i've had in a bit. oops.

man called again. this time he says happy vd.