my office is in shambles! the MIS guy said he would be coming in this weekend to move my furniture so the wiring guys can get to my wallplate. i guess i assumed incorrectly (ass, u, me) that the work would be done over the weekend and my furniture would be back in place. alas, no. my file cabinet is on the wrong wall, my desk is pulled out, and between the two i have about one foot of room to sit. fortunately i'm thin.

today i think i may try to finish up the Rosette-forming Crassulaceae project (with Orostachys). i may be the only person who cares about the minutiae of the Crassulaceae family, but oh well. perhaps i'll create a succulent geek.

the man finally comes home this weekend. he says he'll not be gone so much lately, but i will believe it when i see it. it's not that i don't believe him... i don't believe his employer.

for now, i must work. more later...
YAY! it's done! the Rosette-forming Crassulaceae is done enough to be noded. All the primarily rosette-forming genera are included.

Work... feh, I'll catch up on that later.