walking along a wall which separates boardwalk from beach, but the wall is high. there are stairs up and over periodically, but each time i come to some, the beach on the other side is either too rocky, too polluted, or too brackish to bother. finally i find a perfect stretch of beach, but the way up and over is monopolized by a woman in a wheelchair (who may or may not have been my mother) complaining about the lack of wheelchair access. instead of waiting, i jump down from the top of the wall only to find that the sand is contaminated by small white worms which are sticking to my skin, then burrowing in and which will eventually destroy my liver. they are covering my hands and arms.

discusted by the beach, but still wanting to swim, i find an indoor pool. as i pass by the hottubs, i see two (sorta) friends lounging out. One of them is asleep, his head almost completely under water. he might drown, but i don't like him enough to call attention to that fact. the other, named laura, offers me a bathing suit, but she is quite bigger than i am and so i doubt it will fit properly. somehow it does. as i am getting into the hottub, she calls me "pegalicious" which annoys me, so i strip off her bathing suit and leave, not realizing until i am outside that i am naked.