my dog, a deaf, blind, 17-year-old, male fox terrier, was having weird health issues. the veterinarian told me he was going to have puppies. this didn't strike me as odd. apparently i had known since he was a pup that he was actually a girl dog.

my two fighting fishes were breeding. the fishies they produced were flat, diamond-shaped, light purple, fishes. they had an enormous amount of offspring, filling the fish tank until it was swarming.

i was on a game show like big brother except that instead of roommate nomination and public polls, there were strict rules about where you could and couldn't walk and what you could and couldn't say, and if these guidelines weren't followed either the producers or your roommates would shoot you. the champion would go on to the next show and keep playing until they died. i was a champion and on the next show my boyfriend was a roommate. i asked him why, since at least one of us was absolutely guaranteed to die. so we, and the other roommates managed to kill the producers before we could all bite the bullet.

perhaps non-coincidentally, this night full of dreams took place after 1/4 bottle of good Don Julio anejo tequila and a small tiff with the man.

addendum: September 5, 2000. i just noticed that two of the three nodes involve reproduction (yes i am exceedingly unobservant).