i found my glasses, so i'm wearing them. i lose them, then find them, then wear them, then lose them. i don't really need them, my eyesight is good enough that not wearing them doesn't effect how i drive or anything.

i finally put a picture of cozmo up on my webpage. it can be seen at http://www.slack.net/~ophie/cozmo/. he's really quite a bit funnier looking in person. his fur is so shag-carpet-esque that he looks fake, like a muppet. the way he runs and plays only adds to the effect. he looks like a tiny person on crack in a dog costume. he's still young, but he's as big as he is going to get. at the most i'd say he's in the low 20 lb range. he's mostly fur. he is a mutt, but if i had to guess i'd say he's mostly tibetan terrier. he rules. and look at his two-tone nose! hee hee.

still struggling with christmas shopping for step-mom, brother in-law, and boyfriend. oi. oi oi oi.

over the weekend i worked on more experiments in lifecasting. none turned out as i had hoped, but i think i have found a use for one of the plaster bandage face-molds i made. i completed a clay mold, dried it and am in the process of lining it with latex to make a flexible and reusable mold. it is in the shape of a sun/flower. i don't know if this will be what i wind up giving to grandma as a gift or not, we'll see. either way, i'll probably take pictures of it when it is done to share with everyone.
for now, i should do some work. later...