bought: lifecasting supplies, decoupage glue, blue fabric dye for my couch slipcover, chew toy, ten oranges for $2.00 (woo!), lunch, coffee.

it's sunny out, but very cold. but i do enjoy the briskness of it when i'm walking cozmo. jenn should be calling sometime today, we we'll probably get together.

lunch is almost ready, laundry is almost done. more later...

  • 5:30, dinner with jenn. double margaritas. forgive no hard links, i am drunk. and i have been hitting at the bong. it's amazing how high you can get off the shit gunking up the inside of the bowl. dinner consisted of the best fajitas in germantown. and the best margaritas. my sister rules.
  • 7:30, call the man. he rules too. i miss him. he's in california for a while.
  • 7:45, make an attempt to update this writeup. i'm using the ^H a lot.
i accomplished a lot today, artwork-wize. i finished the final coats on my latest acrylic (it's very simple, but i like it), and got the mold shaped for my lifecast. i think it's going to turn out good.

due to generous use of ^H, my addendum isn't so bad, minus the lack of hardlinks... but i'm pretty beat (drunk) so i'm gunna hit stumbit now.