took cozmo to the vet. i should have put it off. $200.00 total. i don't think i'll have enough to cover the second ring i bought, and i deffinitely won't have enough money to bring mom another little gift she asked me for. i don't quite know what to do about the situation. ugh.

at the vet i found out that cozmo is probably a purebred bearded collie, and may get up to 60 lbs. they estimate his age as 7-8 months. currently he is 21 lbs. they don't think he'll get all the way to 60lbs, probably somewhere between 40 and 50, but even still. he's a bigger dog than i was led to believe when i adopted him. i don't mind, i'm keeping him regardless. he is sweet.

but god. i know i needed to take him to the vet, but it really should have occured to me that i should wait until after coming home from mom's house. if i can't pay for the ring i was to give her, i'll have to give her the one that is already here. that's not such a bad thing, but... argh. i feel like a heel. poor poor planning. dumb peg. guh.
so everything is cool. i reactivated an old credit card. i wish i had thought about it before asking my sister for money. i feel like a loser.

so i have taken a look at stuff about bearded collies, since that is what cozmo has been officially identified as. they're dogs, needing standard dog care plus some extra attention to their long hair. cozmo likes being brushed, so that shouldn't be a problem. the problem i DO have is that if he's going to get bigger, i need better accomodations for him... a larger crate than what he has now. on the plus side, they are well suited to sleeping outdoors, so craig's covered porch should do well, if everyone is agreeable.

time to vacuum. adios.